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Tear Trough Injections
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An inevitable part of the aging process is the lose of volume and support of the midface, leading to a depression between the lower eyelid and the cheek- the “Tear Trough Deformity“.

Over the years there have been many techniques to address this deformity, including, fat transfer, transposing fat from the lower eyelid to fill the tear trough, specially created silicone tear trough implants and various fillers.

We have developed a rewarding technique to improve the tear trough deformity with virtually no down time, little risk, and predictable results with the injection of Restylane.

(Note the very nice degree of improvement in this lady’s tear troughs 2 years after Restylane)

Restylane is a complex sugar molecule that has had FDA approval for years. It results in a controlled swelling at the injection site, improving the tear trough deformity. Restylane is the product of choice for many physicians who treat this deformity.

Instead of injection Restylane with a rigid syringe that is more likely to result in trauma- bruising and swelling- our technique uses a very thin, flexible cannula. This device is ideal for use in the tear trough.

Because of the rich blood supply in this region, injections with standard, rigid needle are more likely to result in trauma than the use of a cannula, which had a blunt tip. Because it is flexible, it can skirt around blood vessels and is less likely to result in injection marks or bruising.

Dr. Porcaro’s technique, used in over one hundred tear trough injections in the last year, allows for treatment of the tear trough with no more than 2 tiny skin openings; many patients can have the tear trough deformity successfully treated with a single tiny skin opening no larger than that use for a Botox treatment.

The vast majority of patients will have significant improvement in both tear troughs with a single syringe of Restylane; rarely another syringe might be needed for very severe tear trough deformities.

Our approach is to start conservatively and only recommend additional Restylane once you see the result from the first syringe.

After full correction, you will appreciate improvement in your tear troughs for at least 9 months. Some of our patients have improvement for over 2 years!

As with all injectable products, experience of the physician counts, especially in the treatment of the tear trough deformity. You can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Porcaro has successfully treated hundreds of patients with tear trough deformities over the years.

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