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Fat Transfer
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As you age your underlying collagen and elastin begin to break down and wrinkles emerge. We also tend to lose subcutaneous fat in our faces, resulting in a haggard, hollow, or even skeletal look. Fat Transfer can improve and even reverse some of your signs of facial aging.

Fat transfer is also called lipo contouring, facial fat rejuvenation, fat grafting, free fat transfer, autologous fat grafting or transfer, micro-lipoinjection, and fat injections. For simplicity, Dr John L. Porcaro, Board Certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery* calls it “fat transfer”.

Fat transfer is the process where Dr Porcaro takes small amounts of your fat from one part of your body and reimplanting it elsewhere, where you need it because of volume loss.

Fat transfer can be done on almost all areas of the face and body. However, the most common treatment sites Dr Porcaro implants fat are the areas under the eyes, the tear troughs, the temples, cheeks, chin, jaw line, lips, the glabella (the area just above your nose in between the brows) and the lateral brow. Fat grafting can also be used to help fill in scars on the face, even acne scars!

The sites being treated must have good blood circulation and enough capillaries and larger blood vessels so that the small micro droplets of injected fat cells are nourished and can form their own blood supply. This is a key factor in getting the best and longest lasting results.

Key Benefits of Fat transfer by Dr Porcaro:

  • your own fat is soft, feels natural and is almost perfect
  • your fat does not cause immune problems
  • virtually everyone already have some fat to spare!
  • can be done at the time of liposculpture or a face lift procedure
  • can treat multiple areas of the face where fat has been lost
  • about half the fat survives and will last for years-as long your untransplanted fat!

How Dr Porcaro Performs Fat Grafting :

Although you might think one could just use a syringe to suck out the fat from one spot and use the same syringe to inject it where you want it, this is not done. In fat harvesting, the fat must be treated to remove blood, other fluid and any damaged fat cells. Whole, healthy fat cells are best for transfer.

Dr Porcaro routinely uses a centrifuge to remove fluids and damaged fat cells. This allows Dr Porcaro to transfer concentrated, pure fat, which optimizes the “take” of the fat cells . Concentrated fat (which looks like a yellowish liquid in the syringe) is then injected using small blunt tip fat transfer needles in areas marked before the procedure.

Most patients will typically need 2 or 3 treatments, which may be administered from 1-3 months apart.

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