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Several patients describe how happy they are with Dr. Porcaro and the services they have received at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Porcaro describes his approach to patient care: the delivery of personalized, high quality, VIP care by a caring physician and staff in an unhurried boutique setting. Dr. Porcaro describes his credentials. He is Board Certified and experienced, having performed over 1,000 1100 cosmetic surgical procedures and hundreds of Botox and fillers injections in the last several years alone. Dr Porcaro describes his newly expanded AAAHC accredited 5,000 sq ft facility designed for maximum safety, comfort and privacy. AAAHC safety requirements exceed those of the state of Florida. Dr Porcaro encourages you to review their before and after gallery and their many patient testimonials. Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery has a very high patient satisfaction, over 90% and Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery has an a+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Dr Porcaro says he listens to patient’s concerns, gives patients their options and presents realistic expectations.

Virtual Tour

This virtual tour of Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery is a “walk through” of this 5,000 sq ft AAAHC accredited facility, built for maximum patient safety, comfort and privacy. The safety requirements of this office based surgery facility exceed those of the state of Florida. Dr Porcaro is board certified and delivers personalized, high quality care in a boutique setting. Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery has a satisfaction rate of over 90% and an A+ rating with The Better Business Bureau. Dr Porcaro listens to your concerns, gives you options and presents realistic expectations. When you sign up for a procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery you are presented with a package that includes your pre and post op instructions, along with your prescriptions. The video tour shows the private waiting room, recovery room with bath and private examining room for your follow up visits, away from the usual flow of patients. The office hours are Monday thru Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. The office is conveniently located on Port St Lucie Blvd, just of US1 and close to I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, where we are educated, experienced and sincere.

Body Procedures

Elizabeth, the Patient Care Coordinator, describes some of the procedures available at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck and labiapasty, Dr Porcaro talks about the unhurried atmosphere in the office and that body contouring can be taken to a new level with laser lipo, the new gold standard. Fat that is removed with liposuction can be transfer to the face, hands and buttocks to replace lost volume. Dr Porcaro talks about the accredited facility and the unrestricted access patients have to him after their procedure. A patient said that she immediately knew she would have her procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery because she felt so welcomed. Another (male) patient talked about his experience with liposuction & how the procedure was performed in the office under local anesthesia and that he went back to work the next day and felt great. Another patient said that Dr Porcaro’s staffs made her feel so comfortable. Another patient said that her liposuction and tummy tuck procedure was the “best decision she made next to getting married and having my son”. She talks about how great her experience was and that Dr Porcaro called her the evening of the procedure. Dr. Porcaro encourages patients to call to schedule their complementary body contouring consultation.

Age Management


Adrienne talks about her symptoms before starting Bio-identical hormone replacement- night sweats, no sleep for 5 years, joint pain, memory loss, couldn’t complete tasks and had no confidence. After the bio-identical pellet hormone implant she immediately felt the change. She was able to sleep, no longer had back pain, became happy again and felt great. Adrienne says that “Dr Porcaro saved my life” and that she’s very happy with how she feels and wants to help other woman by encouraging them to use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Hormone Replacement

Dr Porcaro says he got interested in bio-identical pellet hormone replacement after he was found to have a testosterone deficiency. After undergoing testosterone pellet hormone replacement, Dr Porcaro felt more youthful, had clearer thinking, became much more pleasant with his family and coworkers and had a lot more energy. Dr Porcaro took a training course on pellet hormones and can relate to patients who were suffering from hormone deficiencies. A patient talks about how bio-identical pellet hormone therapy improved the quality of her life. Another patient says the bio-identical pellet hormone is miraculous and that within a week her hot flashes and night sweats were gone, she was sleeping thru the night, had more energy, became more romantic, had no more mood swings and had a great sense of well being. Dr Porcaro says that bio-identical pellet hormone replacement is based on blood work and patient’s symptoms. He says that many symptoms that have been attributed to old age are often related to hormone deficiencies that can easily be corrected with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy and that patients are very grateful to Dr Porcaro for the improvement in the quality of their lives with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. A patient says Dr Porcaro’s personality is awesome and that you feel like you have known him forever.


A patient says she likes the fact that the bio-identical pellet hormones she receives is natural and bio-identical and puts her in balance and makes me feel the way she’s meant to feel.

Hormone Therapy Pellets

A patient says the Bio-identical pellet therapy is miraculous and says she has a great sense of well being and feels like her younger self.


A patient says that within a week of starting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy she no longer had hot flashes, she no longer had headaches and that within a month she noted an increase in her energy level.



A patient talks about how much she likes Botox. She feels Dr Porcaro is good with Botox and fillers. She talks about the changes she has experienced related to aging. She had Sculptra injected by Dr Porcaro and is very pleased with the result. She talks about how Sculpra replenishes collagen naturally. She says she will be back for another session of Sculptra. She talks about the need to look as good as you can, especially in this economy where people need to work longer. She says “age doesn’t sell very much”. She says that she maintains her automobile, does repairs around her house, so “why not fix me?”, she asks.

Botox and Fillers

Dr. Porcaro talks about new products that restore lost volume to the skin. He is shown doing an actual Botox treatment on a woman. Dr Porcaro says that Botox makes people look more relaxed and less stressed and makes people feel better about themselves. A patient says that Dr Porcaro is a good Botox and fille injector. Dr Porcaro says fillers make people look refreshed and more youthful. Another patient says how happy she is with the eyelid lift Dr Porcaro performed. Dr Porcaro says that patient return for Botox and fillers no matter what the economy is like. Another patient talks about how Dr Porcaro helped restore her self esteem. Another patient says how friendly Dr Porcaro’s staff is, says she “comes just to visit sometimes”.


Dr. Porcaro and that his “turkey neck” is gone. Dr Porcaro lalks about the facial rejuvenation services available at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, including lower face and neck lift, chin implant, eyelid and brow lift, liposuction of the neck, fat transfer, Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra and medical grade prescription strength skin care products, customized for your needs. A patient talks about how nice the sedation was for her facial surgery. Dr Porcaro mentions that your injections of Botox, Dysport and fillers are performed by the doctor himself unlike some other practices and that Dr Porcaro will perform all of your follow up.


Can you imagine looking 10 years younger? Looking younger has never been easier. A 90 minute in office face and neck lift procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery will give you immediate results, leaving you feeling and looking younger-perhaps 10 years younger! Lower face and neck lifts are faster, safer and more affordable than ever and start as low as $4,500. Call Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery to schedule your private complementary consultation.


A patient talks about how Dr Porcaro guided her thru the entire breast augmentation process. Another patient is pleased with the size of her breasts and feels “velumptuous”. Dr Porcaro talks about the comprehensive breast procedures offered at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, including breast augmentation with saline or silicone, breast lift, breast lift combined with breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast reduction combined with augmentation as well as breast reduction for men with gynecomastia. Dr Porcaro talks about how men with gynecomastia can get their male profile back with direct gland excision with or without the Laser Lipotherme. Dr Porcaro says that all procedures performed at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery are performed in the comfort and safety of his AAAHC accredited facility. A patient says that her breasts look totally natural and that most people don’t know she had a breast augmentation. Another patient says that she slept thru her breast augmentation procedure and that it was painless and that the recovery was great.

Hair Restoration

Dr Porcaro says that patients fell better about themselves once they have more hair after undergoing a hair transplant procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery. A patient says he looks much younger after Dr Porcaro performed his hair transplant and that hair equals youth. Dr Porcaro states he has performed hair transplants on men and woman of all ethnic backgrounds. Dr Porcaro says he is a diplomate of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and that there are only about 130 Diplomates in the USA. Dr Porcaro is a true hair loss expert. Dr Porcaro talks about his team of technicians who do nothing but hair restoration. A patient says he was back to his routine about within a few days after his hair transplant. Dr Porcaro says that all transplant procedures are performed in the comfort and safety of his AAAHC accredited facility. A patient says that the quality of service at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery is impeccable and that Dr Porcaro is a very warm and open person who is honest and fair.