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Anagen Hair Care Products
Port St. Lucie

At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, we have tried many different Hair Care Products. We have been very pleased with Anagen Therapy Hair Care Port St Lucie line and we have carried this line of hair care products for 6 years.

All Anagen Therapy products are made from only the purest pharmaceutical grade, natural ingredients, and avoid the use of harmful chemicals.

Ninety percent (90%) of all hair care products on the market today contain caustic chemicals like Sodium Laurel Sulphate (kerosene based), Propyleneglycol (base for antifreeze), which are proven to impair the ability of hair to grow.

These harmful chemicals are absorbed into the tissues of the scalp and blood stream and over a period of time can cause the sebum of the hair shaft to crystallize, clogging the follicular channel and provoking hair loss.

The Anagen Therapy Hair Care Port St Lucie Line is free of harmful chemicals suspected of contributing to hair loss.