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PRP for Hair Restoration

The use of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the treatment of both male and female patterned hair loss, as well as alopecia areota, has received a lot of attention in the hair loss industry over the last several years.

Dr. Porcaro is pleased to offer PRP for the treatment of hair loss, including patterned (genetic) hair loss and for the treatment of alopecia areota (localized, typically round area(s) of hair loss.

PRP, affectionately referred to as “liquid Gold”, is obtained by separating your platelets from your red blood cells, with the use of a centrifuge. The platelets contain your growth factors that have been found to stimulate dormant hair follicles, increase hair growth and increase follicle size. PRP also slows down cell death.

Several studies have shown a nice degree of improvement in hair density after a series of PRP sessions. PRP can slow down or stop the progression of hair loss and is best suited to treat patients with thinning hair.

PRP may also enhance the result of hair transplant surgery.

PRP has been cleared by the FDA for use in Orthopedics for many years to aide in soft tissue and bone healing.
Dr Porcaro injects PRP into the affected area(s) of your scalp after applying a topical anesthetic. Since PRP is a product derived from your own blood, it is extremely safe and there’s no chance of rejection or disease transmission.

Typically, 3-4 treatments sessions are needed, 1 month apart. Increased hair density is noted about 3 months after the onset of therapy and continued improvement may be noted for longer than a year. Retreatment at 4-6 month intervals is necessary to maintain the effect.

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