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Hair Loss in Men
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Although there are multiple causes for Hair Loss in Men Port St. Lucie, most men who loose their hair do so because of a genetic predisposition-genes they have inherited from their father or mother that cause hair loss.

Even in the most bald men, there is preservation of hair in a horseshoe pattern on the sides and back of the head. This preserved hair is genetically immune to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT destroys genetically susceptible follicles and causes thinning and baldness in men. DHT is related to testosterone, which is why men generally begin to lose hair at puberty, when testosterone levels begin to rise.

You typically have already lost 1/2 of your hair follicles by the time you first begin to notice your hair loss!
This “patterned” hair loss you may be experiencing is extremely common and worsens with age, affecting about 15% of 18-29 years old men, 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 49 and 80% men over the age of 70!

The common characteristic of your patterned hair loss is “miniaturization” where your hair gradually and insidiously changes from normal “terminal” hair follicles to “miniaturized” follicles that no longer cycle normally, become thinner and finer, loose their color and eventually fall out!

Men with patterned hair loss develop recession of their hairline, thinning and baldness of the frontal, midscalp and crown areas.

If you are a man experiencing hair loss you should seek evaluation by your fellowship-trained hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Porcaro as soon as possible. The sooner the diagnosis for your hair loss is made the sooner your treatment may be started and your hair loss process arrested.

Dr. Porcaro performs natural appearing hair transplants that are indistinguishable from untransplanted hair in the comfort and safety of his AAAHC accredited facility.

Dr. Porcaro also recommends nonsurgical methods that have been proven to successfully treat hair loss

Dr. Porcaro will diagnose and recommend treatment of your hair loss at the time of your private consultation. Call 772-337-1717 today to arrange for you consultation with Dr. Porcaro.

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