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Dr Porcaro says that patients fell better about themselves once they have more hair after undergoing a hair transplant procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery. A patient says he looks much younger after Dr Porcaro performed his hair transplant and that hair equals youth. Dr Porcaro states he has performed hair transplants on men and woman of all ethnic backgrounds. Dr Porcaro says he is a diplomate of The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and that there are only about 130 Diplomates in the USA. Dr Porcaro is a true hair loss expert. Dr Porcaro talks about his team of technicians who do nothing but hair restoration. A patient says he was back to his routine about within a few days after his hair transplant. Dr Porcaro says that all transplant procedures are performed in the comfort and safety of his AAAHC accredited facility. A patient says that the quality of service at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery is impeccable and that Dr Porcaro is a very warm and open person who is honest and fair.

You can trust your hair loss to Dr. John L. Porcaro, a Fellowship trained Hair Restoration expert. You can take comfort in knowing that Dr. Porcaro has performed over 1,000 1100 hair transplant procedures on both men and women. Your hair loss expert, Dr. Porcaro retired from The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery* after being Board Certified for 31 years and 10 years, respectfully.

Hair Restoration has significantly improved since the time of the old, large grafts that look like dolls hair. Using state of the art techniques, Dr. Porcaro, insures naturalness; transplants that are not recognized as transplants and look indistinguishable from your untransplanted hair!

Unfortunately, patterned hair loss in men results in loss of hair though out your life time. The hair loss process doesn’t stop until most or all your hair is lost, except for the “horshoe” of preserved hair noted even in the baldest of men.

Likewise, pattenered hair loss in women is an unrelenting process, getting worse as time goes by!

You can have your hair restoration surgery in the comfort and safety of Dr. Porcaro’s AAAHC accredited facility in Port St Lucie and pay less for your procedure.

At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, we don’t have a big marketing budget. You won’t see us on T.V. nor do we employ any commission based sales staff. That’s why we can offer an outstanding customer experience as well as an outstanding result at about half of what the National Hair Restoration Chains charge.

Unlike the National Hair Chains where there’s a high turnover of doctors who have no interest in the business and work on commission, you can be confident that your surgeon Dr. Porcaro is committed to you will be available every step along the way as you recover from your hair restoration procedure.

Dr Porcaro performs both follicular unit extraction (FUE) as well as the strip method for donor harvesting. Dr Porcaro routinely closes strip incisions with the trichophytic technique. This results in a scar that is either not identifiable or barely noticeable only after careful detailed inspection of the scalp.

If you are experiencing hair loss you should seek evaluation by your hair loss expert, Dr. Porcaro as soon as possible. The sooner the diagnosis for your hair loss is made the sooner your treatment can be started and your hair loss process arrested.

In addition to performing natural appearing hair transplants, Dr Porcaro will advise you on nonsurgical techniques that have been proven to work in the treatment of hair loss.

At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, John Porcaro, MD performs ultra refined follicular unit transplantation for hair loss where ever you have lost hair, including;

  • scalp
  • eyebrows
  • eyelashes
  • beard
  • mustache
  • sideburns
  • temporal points
  • correction of unsatisfactory transplants
  • correction of scarring from various causes
  • correction of scarring after face lift surgery

You can be confident that Dr. Porcaro’s recommendations to treat your hair loss are based on years of training and experience in hair restoration surgery.

For your private hair loss consultation with Dr. Porcaro call 772-3371717.

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