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Thermi Smooth delivers precisely controlled, non-invasive heat to the skin, resulting in tightening of your skin.

ThermiSmooth uses radiofrequency to accurately and safely heat the outside surface of your skin. This controlled heating is painlessly delivered thru a specially designed hand piece without the need for topical anesthesia or sedation of any type.

Collagen loss over time forms the basis for the changes that occur in the skin with aging, including thinning of the skin as well as the development of wrinkles and excess skin.

Studies have shown that when the skin is heated to sustained temperatures greater than 40C, collagen in the skin tightens and new collagen is produced over time, resulting in skin thickening and tightening.

50mHz ultrasound done before treatment and after the second treatment (day of the 3rd Tx). Note the increase skin thickness and improved skin quality (increased blue/green echoes).

ThermiSmooth is ideal to treat wrinkles around your eyes, forehead and mouth and can improve wrinkles about the knees, elbows and other areas.

The heat generated by ThermiSmooth feels like a warm massage and is well tolerated without anesthesia.

During the 15 minute treatment session, the ThermiSmooth handpiece is gently rolled over the surface of the skin to the preset temperature. ThermiSmooth safely delivers precise amounts of heat without causing discomfort or overheating your tissue.

Depending on your particular treatment area, you may require several sessions over 6-8 weeks.

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