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Neck Liposuction
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Liposuction of the neck is a procedure used at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery to remove excess fat in the neck and to help tighten the skin of the neck. Tumescent local anesthesia is used to minimize bleeding and to numb the neck. At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery we use IV sedation during liposuction of the neck for your comfort and safety.

Through 3 tiny incisions, a small cannula is inserted under the skin into the fat layer of the neck. This cannula is connected to a suction reservoir and excess fat is gently removed. There is no skin that is removed in the neck nor is their any tightening of muscles of the neck when liposuction is preformed as an independent procedure.

After removing excess fat with the cannula, Dr Porcaro typically inserts a tiny laser fiber through the same 3 tiny openings used for the liposuction procedure. This laser helps with skin tightening.

With liposuction of the neck, the neck can be sculpted to accentuate the chin-neck angle, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Most often, liposuction of the neck is performed in conjunction with a face and neck lift procedure, which is necessary to address the “turkey gobbler”. Liposuction of the neck can also be an important part of a chin implant procedure, to accentuate the chin-neck angle and as part of a platysmaplasty, where the muscles of the neck are tightened with sutures.

When liposuction of the neck is preformed as an independent procedure, it is essential that you have very good skin tone as good skin tone is essential for the success of this procedure.

Most often, people much over than 40 years of age do not have very good skin tone and may not be candidates for liposuction alone. Many of these patients require a face and neck lift procedure and will not benefit from just neck liposuction.

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