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Face and Neck Lift
Port St. Lucie

Dr John L. Porcaro, Board Certified by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery* performs Face Lift Surgery Port St Lucie Florida, (rhytidectomy) to restore a more youthful appearance to your lower face & the neck by tightening the supporting structures below the skin and also by removing excess skin.

The skin begins to wrinkle and sag as a result of the aging process, sun exposure, smoking and genetics. Children and young adults have smooth, round faces due to evenly distributed fatty tissues in facial contours. Over time, the skin sags and folds in the chin, jaw line and neck become prominent as facial volume is concomitantly lost.

Dr Porcaro will asses your individual needs and recommend the best treatment regimen for you at the time of your private complementary consultation.

By the time most patient consider having a face lift they very often times have associated areas in the face that show signs of aging, such as the brows, the eyelids, cheeks, neck and the skin. Dr Porcaro will frequently recommend facial rejuvenation to address ALL the associated areas of facial aging at the time of your consultation

Dr Porcaro sees his best result in patients who treat their faces in its entirely, rather than “piece meal”. For example, in addition to having a lower face & neck lift, many patients will have greatly enhance their outcomes after facial surgery by having fat transfer and or a chin implant to restore lost volume, a blepharoplasty and or a brow lift to remove excess skin, and Botox to relax strained facial muscles at the same time as the lower face and neck lift.

Dr Porcaro also recommends that patients start using medical grade skin care products such as Obagi and Protherapy to remove sun spots, wrinkles and restore lost collagen and elastin.

The Obagi Blue peel and laser resurfacing are also utilized by Dr Porcaro once the skin has been properly prepared for such treatment.

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Can you imagine looking 10 years younger? Looking younger has never been easier. A 90 minute in office face and neck lift procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery will give you immediate results, leaving you feeling and looking younger-perhaps 10 years younger! Lower face and neck lifts are faster, safer and more affordable than ever and start as low as $4,500. Call Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery to schedule your private complementary consultation.

Key Benefits of Face & Neck Lift by Dr Porcaro:

  • local anesthesia along with monitored intravenous sedation
  • easy out patient procedure
  • AAAHC accredited facility
  • dramatic improvement in lower face and neck
  • takes about 1 1/2 hours
  • tightens supporting structures of the lower face & neck
  • removed excess skin
  • natural appearance
  • just as durable as more aggressive procedures
  • can be combined with fat transfer, chin augmentation, removal of eyelid skin, etc.

How Dr Porcaro Performs Lower Face and Neck Lifts Port St Lucie Fl:

You will be monitored just like in a hospital and given IV sedation. Dr Porcaro will numb the entire area with a local anesthetic that will also minimize any bleeding. The sagging fascia, which supports the sagging skin will be repaired and tightened, essential for the support of the skin. The skin is redrapped without tension and the excess skin is removed.

Many patients undergoing face lift, especially older patient, will require tightening of the neck- neck lift Port St Lucie Florida which is accomplished at the same time as the face lift. This is done thru a 1″ neck incision that will not be noticeable once it heals. This results in dramatic improvement of the cheek/neck border and eliminates the “turkey neck” deformity, a common complaint in patient seeking a face lift operation.

You will be seen by Dr Porcaro the day after your procedure and periodically as you recover. You will need about one week to get back to work and be comfortable engaging in social activities.

This procedure results in a natural, durable youthful change, without the “wind tunnel” look of many traditional face lift procedures and has similar durability. You will still look yourself but refreshed! No one will know for sure what you have done to enhance your appearance unless you tell them!

You can restore your confidence and look years younger with this minimal risk, in office face/neck lift procedure.

Come visit Dr. Porcaro to discuss your face and neck lift surgery options in Port St Lucie.

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