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Cosmetic Surgery Consultation
Port St. Lucie

At the time of your consultation, you will get to know Dr. Porcaro and his staff as we wil get to know you, so we become comfortable working together. You will learn what a cosmetic procedure can do for you and Dr Porcaro will formulate the best plan to achieve your goals.

You will need to provide us with an accurately completed Patient Registration Form indicating the procedure(s) you may be interested in and ALL your medical conditions, past surgeries, medications and supplements you are taking, allergies, etc.

You will then be escorted into our consultation room where you will meet Dr Porcaro, who will review your entire medical history. This is critical, as we need to be confident that you represent a very good risk for the procedure(s) you desire. This thoroughness ensures your maximum safety.

We want to understand your specific goals and your motivation for your desired procedure(s) and we need to be certain that your expectations can be met before recommending a procedure

If you are seeing us about an issue regarding your body, such as for liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or gynecomastia, we will ask you to change into a robe so Dr. Porcaro can examine you effectively. If you are seeing Dr. Porcaro for a procedure on your face, such as facelift, eyelift, Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, hair restoration or pellet hormone replacement there is of course no need to change your clothes.

Our patient Care Coordinator will assist you during your examination by Dr. Porcaro and you will get dressed immediately after Dr. Porcaro’s exam.

After your examination with Dr. Porcaro you will be informed on all the phases of your cosmetic procedure including the period before the procedure, the details of the surgery itself, and the recovery. We will address when you can resume various physical activities, when you should return to work, and the timing of your post-procedure visits back to our facility. We will answer all of your questions in detail.

We do not use non-physician “consultants,” as many local practices do, because we believe you should have your questions answered by the cosmetic surgeon who will be doing your procedure, Dr. Porcaro.

Next, you will go to our Patient Coordinator’s office where she will show you before and after photos of our work. We have many photos and you will gain a lot of information by looking at these pictures. You are welcome to review some of our numerous patient testimonials.

The Patient Coordinator will discuss scheduling and fee issues and arrange financing if you desire it. We will provide you with our written estimate for the charges for your procedure(s).

If your consultations is for Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra and Voluma you can have your injections performed at the same time as your consultation, if you wish .

Once you leave a deposit and identify a day for your procedure, you will be provided with a packet that contains all of your pre and post op instructions as well as copies of informed consent documents you will need to review and sign. You may be given a letter requesting pre-op clearance from your medical doctor and a request for pre-op tests, depending on your health.

Finally, we will take you on a tour of our on-site, state of the art, fully accredited AAAHC outpatient surgical facility. You can see your recovery room and operating room, where your procedure will take place.

Your consultation may take up to an hour overall, especially if undergo filler injections or if you leave a deposit and pick a day for your procedure.

After your consultation you are welcome to contact us with any additional questions you may have.