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Breast Augmentation with Gel or Saline Implants
Port St. Lucie

Gel or Saline Breast Implants Port St Lucie. At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery we’re excited to offer you ladies the option to have your breast augmented with the new Natrelle Inspira Round Gel breast implants, just approved by the FDA in 2015!

Natrelle Inspira implants are fuller and rounder than the Natrelle Classic Round Gel implants and are preferred over the Natrelle Classic Round Gel implants by 75% of women!

The Natrelle Classic Round Gel breast implants received FDA approval in 2006, after being extensively studied and improved over the old breast implants. The outside shell was modified and the gel inside the implant was changed, resulting in the look and feel of real breast tissue.

The Gel implants come from Allergan pre-filled, while the saline breast implants come empty. Dr. Porcaro fills the saline implants with salt water at the time of your breast augmentation, according to your goals. Because the gel implants cost more to manufacture, they typically cost at least $1000 more than saline implants. Since 2006, Dr Porcaro has offered both gel and saline implants in a multitude of sizes and shapes.

The choice between gel and saline breast implants is dependent on a woman’s understanding of each type of implant, an appreciation of the differences between how they feel and the differences in cost.

Dr. Porcaro typically makes a 1 in. incision to place saline implants, and makes a 2 in incision in order to minimize the risk of damage to the gel implants, as recommended by Allergan. Dr Porcaro places the majority of breast implants thru incisions at or near the folds below the breast, either above or below the pectoralis muscles, whichever is best for you.

Since breast implants are obviously man made devices, they are subject to failure. Even though the outside shell of both implants is firm and durable silicone, it can still rupture and experience “wear and tear”. In the case of saline breast implants, the implant will deflate and your breast will lose its volume over a few days if the implant ruptures. On the other hand, deflation of the gel implants is virtually impossible for you or your doctor to diagnose without an MRI.

You can take comfort in knowing that there’s no charge for Allergan’s warranty of their gel breast implants, the most comprehensive warranty among all the implant manufacturers.

Allergan has a FREE 10-year capsular contracture (Baker Grade 3/4) coverage for ALL their Natrelle Gel implants!

Dr. Porcaro will take the time to understand your goals and perform a physical exam at the time of your private complementary consultation. You will also have the opportunity to see and feel the differences between saline and gel implants. Using breast implants sizers, you will be able to get a very good idea of the significant degree of improvement in your shape that you can anticipate with breast augmentation.

Gel or Saline Breast Implants Port St Lucie. You can rest assured that Dr Porcaro will guide you and make customized recommendations contingent on your specific goals and your unique body characteristics. After all, when it comes to breast implants, one size does NOT fit all!

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