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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)
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Gynecomastia or enlargement of the male breast, affects an estimated 40 to 60 percent of men in the United States!

Due to hereditary factors or certain medications such as anabolic steroids or marijuana, excess unwanted fat or enlargement of breast gland tissue below the nipple can cause overdeveloped or woman-like breasts in men-”man boobs”! For the vast majority of men, however, there is no identifiable cause for their breast enlargement.

Men with enlarged breasts are typically very self conscious, are withdrawn, avoid wearing tightly fitting shirts, swimming and similar activities and are hesitant to become involved with women.

There is no noninvasive treatment of the enlarged male breast such as taking a pill, injections or exercising that has proven to be beneficial in the treatment of the enlarged male breast (gynecomastia). As a matter of fact, exercising may strengthen the underlying pectoralis muscle, further accentuating the appearance of the enlarged breast!

Dr Porcaro’s approach to your enlarged breasts is to avoid the typical incision on the nipple used by most surgeons and to remove your excess fat and glandular tissue thru the same tiny opening in the skin of your lateral chest wall.

Dr Porcaro avoids the nipple incision because these scars remain permanently noticeable & also because nipple incisions may negatively impact on nipple sensation. The tiny incision of the lateral chest wall looks as though a mole was removed and has no tell-tale signs you need to be self conscious of once you have healed.

Using local tumescent anesthesia and IV sedation, your breasts will be numb and you will be in a “twilight state”. Thru a 3-4 mm incision along your lateral chest, Dr Porcaro will perform liposuction to remove your excess fat with direct removal of the enlarged glandular tissue thru the very same single liposuction incision!

After carefully contouring and removing any excess fat with liposuction, Dr. Porcaro will carefully dissect the enlarged glandular tissue thru the same liposuction incision using fine, slender instruments, removing your enlarged glandular tissue thru this very same single liposuction incision.

Following the procedure you will wear a fitted garment for several weeks to accelerate skin shrinkage, and minimize swelling and bruising. Most patients return to office based work in several days.

If you are a man concerned about enlargement of your breasts, call 772-337-1717 today to arrange for your complimentary consultation with Dr. Porcaro.

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