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Body Procedures
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Elizabeth, the Patient Care Coordinator, describes some of the procedures available at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, including breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck and labiapasty, Dr Porcaro talks about the unhurried atmosphere in the office and that body contouring can be taken to a new level with laser lipo, the new gold standard. Fat that is removed with liposuction can be transfer to the face, hands and buttocks to replace lost volume. Dr Porcaro talks about the accredited facility and the unrestricted access patients have to him after their procedure. A patient said that she immediately knew she would have her procedure at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery because she felt so welcomed. Another (male) patient talked about his experience with liposuction & how the procedure was performed in the office under local anesthesia and that he went back to work the next day and felt great. Another patient said that Dr Porcaro’s staffs made her feel so comfortable. Another patient said that her liposuction and tummy tuck procedure was the “best decision she made next to getting married and having my son”. She talks about how great her experience was and that Dr Porcaro called her the evening of the procedure. Dr. Porcaro encourages patients to call to schedule their complementary body contouring consultation.

At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, Port St Lucie, your body contouring procedures can be further enhanced with laser light by Dr John Porcaro, Board Certified by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery*.

You may be an ideal candidate for the lipotherme laser that melts your fat and also tightens your skin!. It’s the most powerful and sophisticated laser on the market for the treatment of your unwanted body fat!

Since introducing the body contouring Lipotherme laser at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery Port St Lucie in January of 2010 you can achieve better, more refined body contouring, more skin tightening, less discomfort & have a quicker recovery than traditional liposuction or liposculpture. Although not everyone is a candidate for the laser procedure, it may spare you from more invasive procedures.

If you’re suffering from excess abdominal skin after pregnancy or after massive weight loss or if you have loose abdominal muscles, you will benefit from one of our various tummy tuck procedures, whether your problems are limited to the lower abdomen or extend all the way to your back.

At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery Port St Lucie we also offer liposculpture as well as fat transfer for buttock, face and hand enhancement, as well as labiaplasty and sclerotherapy.

All our surgical procedures are performed in the safety and comfort of our free standing AAAHC accredited facility with or without IV sedation, without the additional risks & expense of general anesthesia. You will appreciate the exceptional degree of privacy extended to post operative patients.

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