In the state of Florida, there are no educational or training requirement for a physician to meet prior to promoting himself/herself as a hair restoration surgeon! Actually, very few physicians performimg hair transplants are real surgeons to begin with!

Hair restoration is being performed by family physicians, dermatologists and even radiologists! The fact is that very few physicians have any significant training in hair restoration or surgery!

In addition to being a medical doctor and a board certified surgeon, Dr Porcaro completed a year long fellowship in hair restoration surgery and is one of about 120 physicians in the USA that has successfully completed the stringent requirements for certification by the American Board of hair Restoration Surgery. Dr Porcaro has performed thousands of hair restoration procedures!

Dr Porcaro’s training and experience assures you that you will be treated by someone truely qualified in hair restoration surgery!

When it comes to having hair restoration surgery, the training and experience of the (real) surgeon actually performing the procedure is critical. Having a surgical procedure by a poorly trained or inexperienced physician offering “bargain basement pricing” is a formula for disaster!

Bad transplants continue to blemish the hair restoration industry to this day; a bad transplant is worse than being bald! Bad transplants are noticeable to everyone and require expensive corrective measures.

That old adage is true: do it right the first time!

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