I take issue with several statements made in a recent NewBeauty Magazine article, which, along with other misleading information, likens surgeons certified by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery to untrained physicians.

Surgeons certified by The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery must be Board Certified by their original Board before being considered for a 1-2 year long coveted cosmetic surgery fellowship position. The vast number of it’s members have undergone at least one year of Fellowship training in Cosmetic Surgery.

The minority of members, like myself, have demonstrated experience and competency in Cosmetic Surgery by the experienced route (no longer available). This required the submission of a surgical log with at least 1,000 varied cosmetic surgical procedures performed within 5 years of the application submission, over 100 before and after photos, letters of recommendation from other physicians, an active, unencumbered medical license, operating privileges at an accredited facility, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training and successful completion of a proctored written and oral examination.

In my opinion, it is misleading and unprofessional to disparage a group of highly trained physicians who specialize in providing cosmetic surgical services simply because they are typically not “plastic surgeons”.

It seems apparent that the NewBeauty staff has “drank the Cool-Aide”.

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