Neck liposuction is performed to better define your chin and jawline. Liposuction will get rid of your turkey neck or a double chin by eliminating the fat from your neck. It can restore beautiful and natural-looking contours to the region; after this procedure, your neck will look much smoother, firmer, and more refined.

The Neck Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction of a small area such as the neck is quite safe. The procedure does not take much time; it usually lasts for about an hour.

To start the procedure, IV sedation is first administered, as is tumescent local anesthesia. In the tumescent technique, the area to be treated is injected with a saline solution that contains a mixture of a local anesthetic and adrenaline. The solution breaks up the stubborn fat deposits, making them much easier to extract.

After sedation and numbing of the region, three small incisions are made under the chin or behind the ears. A small thin tube, or cannula, is inserted. The fatty deposits are broken up by this tube’s sharp end. The unwanted fat is then suctioned out through the tube using a high-pressure vacuum.

Once the fat has been suctioned out, laser energy is used to tighten the skin internally through the insertion of a laser fiber in the incisions.

Recovery Process

Tumescent neck liposuction makes for a more comfortable recovery process than traditional liposuction would. This is because the local anesthesia administered during neck liposuction has lidocaine, which reduces discomfort and makes any swelling, bruising, and blood loss extremely minimal.

Swelling, bruising, stiffness, and numbness are quite common after most cosmetic surgery procedures. You may experience some soreness as well. All these symptoms are temporary and will last for about two weeks.

The doctor will ask you to wear a supportive elastic compression collar around your neck and jawline for about six weeks after the surgery. This garment will aid in controlling post-surgical swelling in the region.

Regular massages, especially lymph massages, will induce faster healing. As long as your healing process is progressing normally and without complications, you will be able to go back to your work after around one week. Routine activities can be resumed after about two weeks. Young skin with good elasticity recovers faster.

Your Results

The neck liposuction procedure gives you a more refined-looking neck and jawline. It makes patients look younger and helps them feel more confident about themselves.

It’s important to know that liposuction will only get rid of the fat. You will still have stretched and sagging skin in the neck. This can be treated by performing an additional procedure, such as a neck lift. Additionally, you will have to maintain your weight to maintain the results of neck liposuction.

Find Out More

A neck liposuction procedure should be performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon who has performed this operation numerous times. If you’re interested in neck liposuction, you need Dr. John Porcaro. Dr. Porcaro is a highly knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic surgeon, and his results speak for themselves. To arrange a neck liposuction consultation, contact our office today.