According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, “the Plastic-surgery chain Lifestyle Lift filed for Chapter 11 protection Friday, 3½ weeks after abruptly shutting down its business and laying off its staff of nearly 400.”

I am a cosmetic surgeon practicing in South Florida, in proximity to a Life Style Lift office. Over the years, I have seen many patients who have had or considered having a Life Style Lift procedure. Some patients were pleased with their result but most patients were disappointed after having a Life Style Lift procedure.

The Life Style Lift marketing material was misleading to many patients, who believed the face lift procedure Life Style offered was proprietary, easier and had a quicker recovery than face lift procedure offered by non Lift Style Lift physicians.

Unfortunately, many patients who I saw who underwent a Life Style Lift procedure were not good candidates for this minimal procedure.

By the time the typical patient presents for a face lift procedure, they have experienced significant changes in their face: skin damage due to sun exposure, hormone deficiencies and smoking; volume loss due to aging and other health issues; aging changes in their cheeks and jawbones, etc.

When comprehensive facial rejuvenation is not offered or declined by patients, disappointment will ensue.

At Cosmetica Plastic Surgery, patients undergo a private consultation with their surgeon, Dr Porcaro. Unlike Life Style Lift; we have no commission based employees.

I perform a comprehensive facial assessment & we offer multimodality therapy for your aging face, customized for your unique needs.

Lower face and neck lift surgery is typically only one of a number of modalities we typically employ in facial rejuvenation. Other treatment recommendations may include medical grade skin care products and deep chemical peels; microneedling, optimization of hormones, injections of fat or fillers, muscle relaxation afforded by Botox and Dysport as well as other surgical procedure such as brow and eyelid lift and placement of chin implants.

Unlike Life Style Lift who basically recommended the same procedure for virtually everyone, we customize our treatment recommendations according to your specific needs.

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