A patient who we operated on a year ago stopped by the office and dropped off this beautiful note (along with a bottle of Rum!):

“I am a 36 years old mother of 3 kids, ages 15, 14 and 9. I used to weigh 175 lbs and I am 5?4? tall. I was overweight and depressed and I felt awful about myself and my large droopy belly, no waist and the rolls of fat in my back. The only clothes that would fit me comfortably were maternity clothes!

Because of my large belly and heavy back, people would ask me if I was pregnant or if I had just delivered a baby! Needless to say, hearing this was embarrassing for me but especially embarrassing for my husband!

Once I decided I was ready for a change, I started searching for a surgeon on the internet. I settled on Dr. John Porcaro after seeing his before and after photos and reading his great reviews. From my first visit, I immediately felt very comfortable with him and his staff. They were patient with me and Dr. Porcaro explained what he felt was best for me.

I had my tummy tuck procedure September 4, 2012. My surgery went very well. I had no complications and I got an excellent result. The surgery also changed my life forever!

After seeing how nice I looked immediately after the surgery, my outlook on life improved and I began to feel better about myself. I started to exercise and watch what I ate. I began to lose weight and slowly and gradually, little by little, I went from a dress size of 14-16 to a size 0-2! Besides looking like a vibrant ?hot mamma? at 140 lbs I have a lot of energy and I?m very happy with myself. My husband also approves!

I?m extremely pleasee with Dr. Porcaro and his staff. They encouraged me throughout my recovery and gave me excellent care. Dr Porcaro was always available for me after the surgery. I am very grateful for what Dr Porcaro and his staff did for me!

If you are a women struggling with issues similar to what I experienced, I recommend you contact Dr. Porcaro to discuss your options.”


She made our day! We are truly priveledged to be involved in this patient’s life changing event!

Although our facility is located in Port St Lucie, we regularly treat patients from Stuart and Vero Beach, Florida.

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John Porcaro