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Hormone Testimonials
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Dr Porcaro says he got interested in bio-identical pellet hormone replacement after he was found to have a testosterone deficiency. After undergoing testosterone pellet hormone replacement, Dr Porcaro felt more youthful, had clearer thinking, became much more pleasant with his family and coworkers and had a lot more energy. Dr Porcaro took a training course on pellet hormones and can relate to patients who were suffering from hormone deficiencies. A patient talks about how bio-identical pellet hormone therapy improved the quality of her life. Another patient says the bio-identical pellet hormone is miraculous and that within a week her hot flashes and night sweats were gone, she was sleeping thru the night, had more energy, became more romantic, had no more mood swings and had a great sense of well being. Dr Porcaro says that bio-identical pellet hormone replacement is based on blood work and patient’s symptoms. He says that many symptoms that have been attributed to old age are often related to hormone deficiencies that can easily be corrected with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy and that patients are very grateful to Dr Porcaro for the improvement in the quality of their lives with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. A patient says Dr Porcaro’s personality is awesome and that you feel like you have known him forever.

A patient says that within a week of starting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy she no longer had hot flashes, she no longer had headaches and that within a month she noted an increase in her energy level

Adrienne talks about her symptoms before starting Bio-identical hormone replacement- night sweats, no sleep for 5 years, joint pain, memory loss, couldn’t complete tasks and had no confidence. After the bio-identical pellet hormone implant she immediately felt the change. She was able to sleep, no longer had back pain, became happy again and felt great. Adrienne says that “Dr Porcaro saved my life” and that she’s very happy with how she feels and wants to help other woman by encouraging them to use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

A patient says the Bio-identical pellet therapy is miraculous and says she has a great sense of well being and feels like her younger self.

A patient says she likes the fact that the bio-identical pellet hormones she receives is natural and bio-identical and puts her in balance and makes me feel the way she’s meant to feel.

Testimonials Bio-Iidentical Hormones Port St Lucie

“Just a note to thank you for what you are doing with the “pellet” Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy treatment with my wife. She is so happy with being able to lose weight after having tried so hard for so long with less than satisfactory results. She is free from the night sweats and has so much more energy. Her outlook on life, while it has always been pretty positive has received a real boost with all the improvements she has noticed. By the way, the benefits to me are, shall we say, much appreciated. Thank You!” – David

“When I came to Dr. Porcaro I was having many menopausal symptoms; night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, I had gained a lot of weight, lack of energy and the list goes on…I now sleep through the night, no night sweats or hot flashes. I’ve lost 10 pounds in the 1 month since I had Bio-Equivalent Hormone Replacement in Port St Lucie, more energy than I’ve had in years and a feeling of well-being. I’m very grateful, my friend told me about pellet therapy. Dr. Porcaro and his staff are amazing! Thank you so much! I have my life back!” – Marjie

“My libido came back in two weeks!” At 50, Patty was plagued by loss of desire, hot flashes, headaches and bloating. She tried a hormone patch and then Estratest. Both failed. But after just a month of being under Bio-Equivalent Hormone Replacement, Patty is all smiles. As she says, “This is big!”

“I have more energy than I can ever remember!” At age 55, Sandra has been living with depression and weight problems for 15 years. After reading about Bio-Equivalent Hormone Replacement, Sandra felt it was time to try something different. Within eight weeks of taking the Bio-Equivalent Hormone Replacement, she reports a whole new lease on life.”

“Thank you Dr Porcaro for introducing me to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Being a 34 year old male with low testosterone I had been on a regime of giving myself injections for years. Now my sex drive and energy levels feel like they did when I was in my 20’s without the ups and downs that came with injections. Even my muscles seem to stay leaner since I started Bio-Equivalent Hormone Replacement therapy. It has been a life changing decision.” – SJ.!