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Hormone Therapy for Men
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Dr Porcaro says he got interested in bio-identical pellet hormone replacement after he was found to have a testosterone deficiency. After undergoing testosterone pellet hormone replacement, Dr Porcaro felt more youthful, had clearer thinking, became much more pleasant with his family and coworkers and had a lot more energy. Dr Porcaro took a training course on pellet hormones and can relate to patients who were suffering from hormone deficiencies. A patient talks about how bio-identical pellet hormone therapy improved the quality of her life. Another patient says the bio-identical pellet hormone is miraculous and that within a week her hot flashes and night sweats were gone, she was sleeping thru the night, had more energy, became more romantic, had no more mood swings and had a great sense of well being. Dr Porcaro says that bio-identical pellet hormone replacement is based on blood work and patient’s symptoms. He says that many symptoms that have been attributed to old age are often related to hormone deficiencies that can easily be corrected with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy and that patients are very grateful to Dr Porcaro for the improvement in the quality of their lives with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. A patient says Dr Porcaro’s personality is awesome and that you feel like you have known him forever.

Hormone Therapy Port St. Lucie Florida: Men, if you are experiencing symptoms of loss of erectile ability, loss of mental clarity, low libido and decreased stamina, you are probably suffering from insufficient testosterone, commonly referred to as Andropause!

If you have lost your competitive edge, lost energy, lost muscle mass, gained weight and have decreased exercise tolerance and increased recovery time from exercise, your symptoms are probably from insufficient testosterone.

If you are tired, irritable, depressed, if you have trouble sleeping, if you are anxious, have mood swings, joint and body aches and pains, high cholesterol or a “mid drif” bulge, your symptoms are probably due to insufficient testosterone- the male version of menopause, called Andropause!

If you have lost your ambition and your drives along with your competitive edge, if you have become tired and withdrawn, have no energy or desire to exercise or travel, if your libido and performance has declined, your symptoms are probably due to a testosterone deficiency.
If you have experienced urinary problems, enlargement of your breasts (gynecomastia), you are probably suffering from insufficient testosterone.

Declines in testosterone levels occur not uncommonly in men around the age of 40. It is around this time that you might experience some or all of the above symptoms.

Andropause can present with a multitude of symptoms, including your loss of morning erections, uncertainty about your ability to have or maintain an erection, or being fearful of having sex without Viagra!

Andropause is also a time when your muscle definition fades and you develop a big, flabby belly.

As you age, the amount of testosterone that is immediately available- your “Free” testosterone- declines. It is this free testosterone that is critical and may be too low even though your total testosterone level may be “normal”.

FDA approval is required for “drugs being marketed to the public”. Pellets, in the United States are compounded and not “marketed to the public”. Testopel® is an FDA approved testosterone pellet. However, it is only available in a 75 mg dose, which is often not optimal. The estradiol and testosterone pellets Dr Porcaro uses are sterile, individually packaged and USP (United States Pharmacopeia) certified.

Currently, the FDA only approves the use of testosterone therapy in men with a medical diagnosis of hypogonadism (testosterone levels of <300 on 2 separate occasions). The FDA requires the manufacturers of FDA approved forms of testosterone therapy to include the following disclaimers:

“It is not known if any form of testosterone replacement is safe or effective to treat men who have low testosterone due to aging” and “there is a possible increased risk of prostate cancer, blood clots in the legs or lungs, heart attack, stroke, swelling of your ankles, feet or body with or without heart failure and breast enlargement”.

However, physicians have the prerogative to use testosterone replacement therapy to treat symptoms “off label”, meaning the doctor and the patient can agree to use prescription medications for a reason or for reasons not yet approved by the FDA. Many FDA approved medications are routinely used off label and FDA approval of a medication does not guarantee efficacy or safety

Our goal with Bio-Identical pellet Hormone therapy is to raise your free testosterone levels to your optimal range, which is the range of a 20-30 year old man- the range you had when you were at your prime!

With Bio-Identical Pellet Hormone Therapy, Dr. Porcaro will treat your symptoms of testosterone deficiency with natural bio-equivalent testosterone pellets that is indistinguishable from the testosterone you were born with!

The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and last 5 months in most men. Pellets are placed in a 5 minute office procedure with only a local anesthetic. After delivering the pellets in the fatty layer just below the below line, the small nick in the skin is closed with a single butterfly strip.

There’s no need for injections of testosterone, pills or messy creams. With the pellets, you’re ‘good to go”.

Once your testosterone levels are brought up to your optimal levels, you will experience an awakening, not only on your outlook on life and how you feel but an awakening under the sheets too!

Here’s some of what you can look forward to after correcting symptoms of your testosterone deficiency with Bio-Identical Pellet Hormone Therapy:

  • Enhanced erectile ability
  • Prostate protection
  • Enhanced libido
  • Cardiovascular protection
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Feeling of overall well-being
  • Reducing body fat
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Depression relief
  • Cognitive clarity

You can get control of the aging process and free yourself from the symptoms of testosterone deficiency, Andropause, with Bio-Identical Pellet Hormone Therapy, call Dr. Porcaro today at 772-337-1717 to schedule your private consultation.