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Hormone Treatment Benefits
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A patient says that within a week of starting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy she no longer had hot flashes, she no longer had headaches and that within a month she noted an increase in her energy level

You will experience an extremely high level of symptomatic relief in hot flashes, night sweats, increased energy, vitality and feeling of overall well-being at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery. Pellets are the most convenient method of hormone delivery; effective; safe; hassle-free!

Bio-Identical pellet hormones can reduce your body fat and helps prevent osteoporosis and increases bone density 8% per year! Wouldn’t you fell better knowing you’re doing the best thing possible to increase your bone density?

Bio-Identical pellet hormones reestablishes your hormonal balance and maintains the normal physiologic estradiol to estrone ratio at 2:1, which reduces your risk of breast and endometrial cancer, unlike conventional HRT which increases the risks.

Bio-Identical pellet hormones maintains a steady state of hormones; no roller coaster effect seen with pills, injections, creams & gels and provide protective benefits that were originally provided by the body’s naturally occurring hormones and protects you against heart disease and stroke, improves vaginal dryness, sleep, mood, concentration, and your memory.

Enhanced libido in men and women and improvement in a man’s erectile ability are anticipated, without placing you at risk of blood clots, breast cancer and unwanted side effects, like conventional synthetic HRT.

Bio-Identical pellet hormones are biologically identical to your own estradiol & testosterone and grown on soy protein, unlike oral (conjugated; synthetic) estrogens, i.e… Premarin, Prephase, Prempro (pills), which are derived from horse urine! Women will achieve optimal blood levels for 4 mos. while men can achieve optimal testosterone levels for 5 mos., with very low doses of estradiol & testosterone in pellet form.

With pellets, you’ll have hormones available when needed, 24/7, enabling you to build up and maintain muscle mass and strength and improvement in your cholesterol levels, while reducing the risk of depression.

Bio-Identical pellet hormones at Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery are far superior to oral hormone replacement therapy, especially with respect to bone density, insomnia, sex drive, libido, and sexual performance and eliminates DAILY compliance issues seen with other forms of HRT (taking pills, applying creams, gels or patches, giving yourself injections, etc.)