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Age Management
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Dr Porcaro says he got interested in bio-identical pellet hormone replacement after he was found to have a testosterone deficiency. After undergoing testosterone pellet hormone replacement, Dr Porcaro felt more youthful, had clearer thinking, became much more pleasant with his family and coworkers and had a lot more energy. Dr Porcaro took a training course on pellet hormones and can relate to patients who were suffering from hormone deficiencies. A patient talks about how bio-identical pellet hormone therapy improved the quality of her life. Another patient says the bio-identical pellet hormone is miraculous and that within a week her hot flashes and night sweats were gone, she was sleeping thru the night, had more energy, became more romantic, had no more mood swings and had a great sense of well being. Dr Porcaro says that bio-identical pellet hormone replacement is based on blood work and patient’s symptoms. He says that many symptoms that have been attributed to old age are often related to hormone deficiencies that can easily be corrected with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy and that patients are very grateful to Dr Porcaro for the improvement in the quality of their lives with bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. A patient says Dr Porcaro’s personality is awesome and that you feel like you have known him forever.

Age Management with Bio-Identical Natural Pellet Hormone Replacement Therapy in Port St Lucie Florida: Are you ladies ready to start feeling better about yourself? Are you ready to regain your confidence, take your life back, and improve your relationships with your family and co-workers?

Are you ready to feel less stressed, less irritable and less fatigued? Are you ready to get a good night’s sleep? Are you ready to think more clearly, improve your sex drive, put the hot flashes and night sweats to bed once and for all? Are you ready for age management with Bio-Identical Hormones?

Are you men ready to regain you sex drive & eliminate embarrassing erectile dysfunction? Are you ready to feel younger, get more enjoyment out of your life and do the things you want to do without tiring out? Are you ready to get more physically fit, get rid of the “belly bulge” and get your cholesterol & diabetes under control? Are you ready for age management with Bio-Identical Hormones?

Most women & men over the age of 40 and ALL women who have gone thru either natural or surgical menopause will have insufficient hormone levels to function optimally for your life style, underscoring the need for age management.

You should strive to manage your aging with optimal hormone levels, NOT levels in the “normal range”, as the “normal range” typically includes many people with hormone deficiencies! Why not manage you age and age the best way possible with Bio-Identical Hormones?

Dr. John L. Porcaro completed specialized training in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement in 2008, under the direction of Dr Gino Tutera, Founder of SottoPelle, after Dr. Porcaro became a patient himself and experienced the many benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones first hand.

Dr. Porcaro has successfully treated hundreds of patients suffering from hormone deficiencies using Bio-Identical pellet hormones.

Simply put, optimizing your hormone levels with Bio-Identical Hormones will result in a tremendous improvement in the quality of your life and will “put the brakes on” your aging process!

Dr. Porcaro learned quite early in his cosmetic surgery practice that having optimal hormone levels is essential to one’s outlook on life, self esteem and overall health. Many of the conditions patients present for cosmetic enhancement procedures with Dr Porcaro are either directly or indirectly associated with hormone deficiencies and unchecked aging.

Having optimal hormone levels optimizes your health and makes you a better candidate to benefit from a cosmetic procedure.

Having optimal hormone levels is a critical component of facial rejuvenation. The health of your skin and its supporting structures is directly affected by your hormone levels. Having optimal hormone levels will enhance the result of your face lift procedure, among other improvements you will experience.

Many of our cosmetic surgery patients appreciate the benefits of our Bio-Identical pellet hormone replacement therapy and this Therapy forms a cornerstone in our practice, especially since it directly relates to facial rejuvenation.

At Porcaro Cosmetic Surgery, we manage the aging process by replacing hormone deficiencies with natural, Bio-Identical pellet hormones that are grown on soy. These pellets correct your hormone deficiencies with natural Estadiol and or natural Testosterone that are indistinguishable from hormones found in human beings (not like Premarin, which is obtained from pregnant horses!)

These natural, Bio-Identical pellet hormones are the safest and best form of hormone replacement therapy and age management available to you.

The “risks of hormones” don’t apply to these Bio-Identical pellet hormones and it’s actually much more risky NOT to have your hormone deficiencies corrected than it is to undergo bio-identical pellet hormone replacement. Having optimal hormone levels will have a profoundly beneficial effect on your post menopausal symptoms, relieving your night sweats and hot flashes and improving your sleep. Your immune system, your sex drive, emotional stability, and cholesterol modulation will be improved on Bio-Identical pellet hormone therapy as well.

You can take control of your life and manage aging with Bio-identical pellet hormones!

With Bio-Identical pellet hormones, you can virtually prevent breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke and diabetes!

Age management with Bio-Identical Hormones replacement will decrease your body fat, keep your skin soft and supple, increase muscle strength and lower your blood pressure.

By placing rice size Bio-Identical estradiol and testosterone hormone pellets below the skin you can get your life back and take control of aging! Pellets typically last from 4-6 mos and are placed under local anesthesia-no suturing is involved! There’s no down time! Forget the dangerous pills, creams, injections and patches!

Men and women can feel healthy, vibrant and sexy throughout their entire lives by maintaining proper sex hormone levels. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy has been a GOD SENT for Dr. Porcaro and is just “what the doctor ordered”!

In short, you will feel better, look better & live longer! What better way is there to manage aging?

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