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Cosmetic Surgery Fees
Port St. Lucie

Fee schedule effective March 2016*
The Fees Below include surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges, facility charges and all follow-up visits with Dr. Porcaro .

Facial Surgery:
Blepharoplasty, Lower Lids 2,400
Blepharoplasty, Upper Lids 2,000
Blepharoplasty, Upper & Lower 4,000
Lower Face & Neck Lift – from 6,500
Isolated Anterior Neck Lift 3,000
Isolated Full Neck Lift 4,300
Chin Implant 2,800
Laser Lipo Neck 2,600
Fat Transfer to face per session 2,900
Brow Lift 4,950
Facial Surgery:
Lipotherme Laser Lipo:1st Area 2,600
Lipotherme Laser Lipo: addtl. areas 900
Lipotherme Laser Lipo: arms 2,600
Lipotherme Laser Lipo: thighs 2,600
Lipotherme Laser Lipo: neck 2,600
Lipotherme Laser Lipo: male breast 3,500
Fat Transfer Buttocks 2,500
Buttock Lift 4,900
Tummy Tuck, Full… from 7,500
Tummy Tuck, Mini 5,000
Tummy Tuck, Maxi 9,500
Labiaplasty & Vaginoplasty 6,500
Labiaplasty One Side 1,900
Labiaplasty Both Sides 3,500
Vaginoplasty 3,600
Brachiaplasty 5,600
Sclerotherapy (varicose veins) 350
Earlobe Repair (per side) 350
Breast Surgery
Breast Augmentation Gel 6,500
Breast Lift (without implants) 5,500
Breast Lift & Implant, Gel 8.500
Breast Reduction (Female) 7,600
Breast Reduction & Impl. Gel 9,500
Capsulectomy (our implants) 2,000
Capsulectomy (not ours) 3,000
MALE Breast Reduction 5,500
Gynecomastia 4,200
Thermi tight Neck & Jowls 3,000
Thermi tight Arms w/ lipo 3,500
Thermi Smooth each session 300
Thermi VA – vaginal rejuvenation 3,000
Botox, Dysport & Fillers:
Botox per unit (3 areas- min 50 units) 11
Sculptra Aesthetic per vial 750
Juvederm, Ultra Plus per syringe 550
Juvederm Voluma XC per syringe 800
Restylane Lyft 650
Restylane under eyes & Lip Augmentation (Silk) 600
Hair Restoration
Hair Transplant Scalp per graft $5/$4/$3
Transplant Eyebrow or Eyelash (each side) 2,000
Laser Hair Therapy 1 yr 1,900
Hormone Replacement
Hormone Replacement Consultation 175
Blood work 180
Insertion fee 250
Pellets estradiol & testosterone (per pellet) 35-65
B-12 Injection 25

*Posted fees are only an estimate and are subject to change at any time. Actual fees can only be quoted following a patient examination and will be adjusted according to an individual’s special circumstances. An additional charge will be applied for patients undergoing a surgical procedure where IV sedation is utilized whose BMI exceeds 28. No estimate can be considered final without a patient examination by Dr. Porcaro.

Prices are for cash payments. The use of approved credit or debit cards (i.e.: Visa, American Express and Discover) will result in a 3% transaction fee. If you elect to finance through one of our financial partners, there will be a 6 % transaction fee.

We do NOT participate with Medicare, Medicaid or any insurance. We can provide you with ONE billing statement  that you may submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Medicare does not honor billing statements from non-participating providers.

The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.

Scheduling a date for your surgical procedure requires a $1,000 nonrefundable deposit. Payment of the balance is required at least 7 days before surgery.

Payment for injectables (i.e. Botox and fillers) is required on the day of the procedure.

Cash, checks, cashier’s checks, money orders and most major credit cards are accepted.

The Porcaro Financial Policy

Fees, Scheduling or Financing Questions?  Contact the Patient Care Coordinator at: (772-337-1717) or  CLICK HERE.