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Why You Should return to Dr. Porcaro For Your Future Injectables:

EDUCATED: Dr. Porcaro remains up to date on the latest products and injectable techniques.

EXPERIENCED: Botox and fillers are not commodities! The knowledge and experience of the injector is crucial in getting your best result-vastly more important than the type and amount of product used!

Dr. Porcaro has the largest single comprehensive injectable practice on the Treasure Coast and has personally performed over 1,000 Botox and filler injections annually since 2006.

SINCERE: Dr. Porcaro will listen to your concerns, examine you, discuss your options, administer your injectables and see you for your complimentary follow up visits.

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE: Dr. Porcaro strives to get you the highest quality, best injectable results possible. You receive manufacturer price reductions, rebates and incentives that are not available through other providers, the result of our high volume injectable purchases.


  • Referral rewards program: $35 OFF for you and $35 OFF for your friend when you a refer a friend and they get treatment.
  • Birthday coupon: You will receive an email with a coupon for $25 OFF a treatment to use in celebration of your birthday.
  • Brilliant Distinctions program: $20 coupon for your next visit for each Botox, Juvederm, Voluma & Kybella treatment received.
  • ASPIRE Galderma: $20 coupon for your next visit for each Dysport and Restylane and $50 coupon for Sculptra.
  • Pay less per syringe: You receive discounts from us when you purchase multiple syringes of injectable products, administered at the same time.

INJECTABLE TOUCH UPS: We offer you discounts on Injectable Touch Ups, necessary to maintain the effect of your injectables. Just like you wouldn’t wait until your gas tank completely runs out of gas before filling up, why wait until these wonderful injectable products have worn off (and you have returned back to your baseline!) before having your injectables repeated again? You may be able to maintain your effect much longer, frequently with fewer products, with Injectable Touch Ups

You will receive $25 OFF your Botox and Dysport injectables when repeated within 3 months of your last Botox and Dysport injections.

You will receive $25 OFF per syringe when you Touch Up your Restylane, Restylane Lyft and Juvederm within 9 months or Touch Up your Restylane Silk within 6 months. (Sorry, these incentives are for Touch Ups only when done during the specified time.)

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Dr. Porcaro is passionate about his injectable patients and he is committed to seeing that you get personalized “White Glove” service, the best result possible and have a wonderful experience at the same time!

We place a lot of value in the long term relationship we establish with you and we appreciate the trust you place in us!